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From Tuscany to America: international rose splendor at De Opstal.

We kick off 2024 in the colorful world of spray roses, where passion and dedication come together in the greenhouses of spray rose Nursery De Opstal in the heart of Westland; Naaldwijk. Through my work for Flower Circus, I am already familiar with the product, but had not yet visited the nursery, so it was high time to change that. Since its establishment in 2006, this nursery has established its name as an authority in the cultivation of top-quality spray roses. With more than 20 different types of spray roses, the diversity here is truly breathtaking.

International Appeal

What sets Spray Rose Nursery De Opstal apart is their impressive international market. Not only are their beautiful flowers an essential element in weddings, but they also reach far beyond borders. From romantic Finland and Sweden to sunny Italy and picturesque Switzerland, to the heart of Southern Germany - De Opstal's spray roses are welcomed with open arms everywhere and have adorned many weddings.

Top Achievement in Dutch Spray Rose Cultivation

Amidst the flourishing rose nurseries in the Netherlands, Spray Rose Nursery De Opstal proudly stands out as a leading player, ranking in the top 3 of spray rose growers in the country. Their perfect quality, wide variety, and dedication to customer satisfaction are appreciated far beyond the Dutch borders.

A Burst of Color in the Greenhouse

As I was guided through the vast greenhouses of De Opstal by Omer, I was immersed in a vibrant sea of colors. And not only because of the beautiful flowers, but remarkably, the young foliage also brought an extra dimension of color to life!

The color palettes range from soft pinks to subtle lavender hues, with each flower being a true work of art in itself. Amidst this play of colors shines a special rose named Amata, which is almost fluorescent orange. This striking beauty has gained immense popularity during Halloween in America, where the fiery orange tones illuminate the festivities and create a festive atmosphere.

De Opstal is known for cultivating beautiful blooming roses, and the greenhouse plays a crucial role in nurturing young rose plants. Here, not only flowers but also future rose plants are carefully and devotedly raised.

Expansive Greenhouses and Dedicated Management

With a total of 3 hectares in Naaldwijk, plus an additional 1 hectare in De Kwakel, the greenhouses of De Opstal are a sight to behold. A dedicated team of three managers leads a well-oiled machine of 25 staff members, each specializing in different departments to ensure that every flower is cared for with love.

Sustainability in the Flowerbed

Spray rose plants have a lifespan of up to 6 to 7 years, which is a conscious choice by De Opstal to ensure the quality of their crop. Production is measured not only in quantity but also in average price, making the flowers accessible to a wide audience. The use of organic pest control methods and crop rotation contributes to a sustainable and environmentally friendly cultivation.

Holidays and Peak Season

Production runs 363 days a year, with only December 25th and January 1st being moments of well-deserved rest, but the rest of the year, the company operates at full capacity. The peak season starts from Mother's Day and extends until October 1st, with a tail end in September.

Magical Tuscany and Mega Weddings

One of the highlights of the past year was producing a staggering 20,000 branches for mega weddings, such as those held in enchanting Tuscany. At such moments, De Opstal's flowers not only witness love but also craftsmanship and dedication.

Passion for the Product

In every flower at Spray Rose Nursery De Opstal in Naaldwijk resonates a story of passion, craftsmanship, and boundless beauty. My visit to this nursery was not just a journey through colorful greenhouses but an encounter with the passionate people behind this beautiful product from Dutch soil.

Maarten Huisman


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