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Maarten's Blog: #11

The past year was a floral adventure full of color and inspiration. As I look back on my monthly blogs, I realize how diverse and engaging my journey through the world of flowers, plants, and trends has been. Let's take one last look together at the highlights of my blogs from the past year.

Amaryllis: Timeless Beauty and Symbolism

The year began with a tribute to the Amaryllis, a flower that never gets old and has always symbolized beauty, pride, and friendship. Discover the versatility of the Amaryllis, available from September to the end of May, and be inspired by its exotic origin and meaning.

Strelitzia: Exotic Joy in Your Interior

Another exotic favorite, the Strelitzia or 'bird of paradise flower,' adds a touch of freedom and immortality to your interior. Discover its origin in South Africa and the impact of this flower on the 'Barbiecore' trend, bringing bright colors and shiny surfaces to the interior world.

Marrakech: Enchanting Experiences and Inspiration

In May, I wrote about my visit to Marrakech, where the vibrancy, creativity, and scents of the city stimulated my senses. Discover the sources of inspiration, including the famous Majorelle Garden, which gave my own city garden the nickname 'the blue garden.'

Chrysanthemum Magic at Deliflor: Colorful Varieties and Sustainability

A visit to Deliflor took me to a colorful paradise of chrysanthemums, complete with a 'Deli Pool Bar.' Here, I discovered the magic of dyed chrysanthemums and Deliflor's sustainability efforts that bring these flowers to life.

Pluktuin Kweeklust: Natural Beauty Close to Home

In Lisse, I discovered the natural beauty of Pluktuin Kweeklust, where enthusiastic owner Monique shares her passion for flowers. A place where visitors can enjoy and pick among 40 different types of flowers in a relaxed atmosphere.

Ansu Vanda/Plantea: An Oasis of Colors and Scents

Ansu Vanda/Plantea in Wateringen took me on a tropical journey, where an oasis of colors and scents embraces you. I was carried away by the lush world of Vanda's in breathtaking shades and green pearls that I didn't even know existed.

FAM Flower Farm: Feminine Touch in Flowers and Sustainability

During one of the warmest days of the year, I discovered what makes FAM Flower Farm so special with their feminine touch in flowers and focus on sustainability. Here, I experienced the romance and production process of flowers in an industry often dominated by men.

Leekade Orchids: International Orchid Fame

A visit to Leekade Orchids revealed not only the colorful world of cut cymbidiums but also their international fame. From the United States to Singapore, here I discovered how this Dutch nursery is appreciated worldwide.

Flora Holland Trade Fair 2023: Inspiration and Visual Feast

My year ended with a visit to the Flora Holland Trade Fair 2023, where every corner had a new surprise in store. In addition to all sorts of new discoveries, I was fully inspired at this vibrant fair.

What a colorful and inspiring year it was! My blogs have taken me on a journey full of flowers, interior trends, and personal discoveries. I look forward to new adventures and discoveries in the coming year!

I wish you fantastic Christmas days with the people you love and for 2024 all the best, happiness, and health, and I sincerely hope that you will also accompany me in 2024 during my botanical adventures.

Warm regards,



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