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Show: Tiffany van Lenten - Wedding

A new Online Show, this time Flower Magician Tiffany van Lenten will inspire with eight different arrangements in just over an hour. With every arrangement, she came up with new ideas and tricks to make the bridal work even more special.

What about the first bouquet she made, a large heart-shaped bouquet, with a heart in the middle on which the engagement ring can be attached. A very nice idea, and a perfect solution for the eternal fiddling with getting the ring box out of your pocket.

A beautiful bridal bouquet should of course not be missing, and a number of these were made during the show. Tiffany showed that with the same base, you can make a variety of beautiful bouquets. Certainly with the help of the glue technique you can express your creativity even more. More and more pets are also included in the ceremony.

These can also be festively decorated with flowers. Tiffany used a special technique for this, which they also use in Hawaii to string the flower wreaths, with a real dog's flower necklace as a result!


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