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Talks: 100th Episode!!! with Marcel Zandvliet - Dutch Flower Group

For this special episode: #100 we had the CMO Marcel Zandvliet from the Dutch Flower Group. With Marcel, we talk about marketing in the floral industry. Why is marketing so important? Flower prices are already high, why should we promote.

Dutch Flower Group does a lot of research in consumer behavior, and they see a real change in behavior in how consumers look at flowers and plants. A trend that can work out really well for our industry. To benefit it's important to promote to the right audience.

There is also an important role for the Flower Council of Holland in the general promotion. With the generic promotion, flowers can be on top of mind with consumers. It would be great to achieve that consumers have/make a budget to buy flowers and plants on a regular basis.

At In the end, there is a special surprise for John for the 100th episode, a true milestone, and up to the next 100!

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