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Talks: Bas Kamp - Petal Peddlers / FleuraMetz Australia

"The future for the floral industry in Australia looks bright"

In this episode of Flower Circus Talks, we have Bas Kamp as our guest. After traveling all over the world as a florist Bas ended up starting a wholesale business in Brisbane Australia. Running the business already over 25 years now, Bas is the man to ask about the Australian flower business, and how it differs from other markets.

Although the industry in Australia faces some challenges; from lack of flights to get imports into the country, to expanding cities, so growers have to move or stop. Bas sees that the future for the floral industry looks bright. Young people starting as florists, and as prices are good for locally produced flowers, hopefully, people start to grow (more) flowers.

This, and much more, is in this episode of Flower Circus Talks.

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