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Talks: Lani Callister - Ensign Wholesale Floral

Lani Callister of Ensign Wholesale Floral is telling us how they experienced the pandemic. One thing is for sure, the love for flowers got them through. Feeling the need to help the whole industry: from growers to their customers. This to make sure that at least there were some flowers for the people who needed them so badly. They kept their standing orders running, although most of the time it resulted in giving flowers away for free because there were almost no sales. Trying to help everyone where they could, resulted that when the demand increased, they could scale up with their suppliers quite quickly. After the pandemic the sales are much higher than before, resulting in already new challenges. Labour and transport are now the main topics. It has been a real tough period, but it also gave a lot of goods. People are willing to celebrate life more, and flowers play a big role in that now!

This and much more in this episode of Flower Circus Talks.

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