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Talks: Moses & Naila - MM Flor

International Women's Day is around the corner. A day that is celebrated in Russia and Eastern Europe with a lot of flowers. We talk about the huge flower day with Naila and Moses from MM Flor. MM Flor is specialized in selling flowers and plants to Russia and Eastern Europe.

We speak about what this day means for the people, and that giving flowers is a must. Not only to your direct family, also to female colleagues etc. Not giving flowers will be remembered for a long long time!!!

The high prices are also one of the topics, although Moses sees that it isn't influencing the business as much as he though on forehand. Customers are buying flowers anyway because without flowers they don't have a business. And with Womensday being good for 25-30% of the turnover for most flower shops, they can't skip this day.


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