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Talks: Tom Vermeer - XPol BV

In this Flower Circus Talks we have Tom Vermeer, managing director of Xpol as our Guest. For all parties in the flower industry, it are challenging times. How does Xpol handle this? What started as a unique approach on how they synchronize the market, instead of buying and selling, turned out to be a great formula, that also helps them in times where all costs rise, especially airfreight.

By synchronizing between grower and customer the chain is made much shorter. Packed at source is a great example: by packing the flowers/bouquets at source it saves a lot of time (vase life!) it also reduces the amount of handling and waste.

Together with other partners they also worked on a new packaging to make optimal use of the airfreight space (which is a scarce thing right now). Pallets are loaded to the maximum, not losing valuable space. Next to that it also contributes to the sustainability goals Xpol set for themselves. The amount of paper/cardboard is significantly reduced since the use of this standardized box.

This and much more in this very interesting Flower Circus Talks

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