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Walks: In the Calla Fields with Lennaert Kapiteijn

The Flower Circus Walks are back, and how! We are in the Calla Fields!!!!

A big thank you goes out to Lennaert Kapiteijn from Kapiteyn group!

During our Flower Circus Talks in the Calla fields in Anna Paulowna Lennaert told us all about this wonderful flower, and the company Kapiteyn Group. Great to see how much passion there is in this family/company.

Even the wind and rain (Dutch summer...) couldn't stop Lennaert from telling all about the Calla lilies, from the breeding process all the way to the consumer as a finished potplant or cut flower.

Also a big shout out to our cameraman Jhon Koopman who almost is getting used to filming in these typical Dutch conditions.


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