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LED grow light Beyond Chrysant

This growlight type SON-T Has been used in the greenhouse of Beyond Chrysant in Hoek van Holland for almost 10 years. During the period it was used in the greenhouse over 224,000 Stems grew up under it.


Now the technique of growing lights is much improved, and by using LED lights Beyond Chrysant gets the same results. The advantage of LED in comparison to this light is that it uses less energy.


In their quest to always make the best chrysanthemums in the most green way, Beyond Chrysant decided to switch to LED lights in 2022. Not only that, they also wanted to give the lights that served them well, a second home.


The 1000W lightbulb that was used is now replaced with an LED light, so you can also save on energy costs with this lamp.

LED grow light Beyond Chrysant

€ 95,00Price
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