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Join the first ever Flower Circus Masterclass.

3 days, 3 different top designers.

  • New techniques

  • New inspiration

  • and loads of floral fun!

Have you ever wanted to up your game as a florist in floristry? This is your unique change from the 15th until the 17th of May! We gathered 3 absolute top designers: Tiffany van Lenten; the runner up during the last Dutch Championships, Stefan Van Berlo; the current Belgian Champion, and Alex Segura; one of Spains best and experienced floral designers.

We specially selected these designers, as they are willing to share their techniques and secrets, that make them stand out. Every day you will have a different designer who will teach you the tricks of the trade working on a dedicated theme.

Flower Circus Masterclass.png

Tiffany van Lenten

Stefan van Berlo

Alex Segura

We run our masterclass from the Experience Centre at Lugt Lisianthus in Monster, the Netherlands.  With their fabulous facilities and support at their nursery, there isn't a better place to hold the masterclass. 


day 1:

Tiffany van Lenten

arrangement structures and techniques. 

Tiffany will show how you can make structures using different techniques. Creating a wow-effect in your designs

Read more about Tiffany here

day 2:

Alex Segura

Bouquet structures and techniques.

Alex will show you that a hand-tied bouquet can be a true masterpiece. There are so many varieties possible, and Alex will teach you how to develop an unique style. 

Read more about Alex here

day 3:

Stefan van Berlo

Bridal bouquets

Stefan is famous for his amazing wedding bouquets. He did several celebrity weddings an even a TV wedding. The man to be to learn about wedding floral design

Read more about Stefan here 

The masterclass includes flowers and materials.

Food and drinks are also included



3 days:


2 days:


1 day:


prices are ex. VAT

places are limited, 

to register:

please send an email with your name, address, email address, telephone number, and which days you would like to join to


Thanks for contacting us, we will get back to you asap!

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