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van Lenten 

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Flower Circus Flower Magician


  • The Colorista

Special Powers:

  • blending colors

  • using new techniques

Meet Tiffany 'The Colorista' van Lenten

Tiffany made her debut for Flower Circus during an online show. Working with her we directly saw she is something special. Not only a very talented designer, but she has the absolute will to make every design better than the last, and the will to become better every day.

It was during one of the online shows she got her title 'the Colorista' because of her gift of mixing colors in such a wonderful way, making those designs even more special.

Tiffany is as a designer very broad orientated. From exhibitions to weddings, and from photoshoots to demonstrations and masterclasses. Last Dutch Championship in 2024 she was runner up, and the youngest ever to be on the podium.


With Flower Circus she is now traveling all over the world to show her skills, promoting flowers, and to share the love of flowers and floral design.

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Tiffany's Work

Tiffany van Lenten - Flower Circus 7.png
Tiffany van Lenten - Flower Circus 6.png
Tiffany van Lenten - Flower Circus 5.png
Tiffany van Lenten - Flower Circus 1.png

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