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A flowerful Christmas with Giada Graziani

In our last online show of 2023 we had the wonderful, and talented Giada Graziani as our designer. It was the first time for Giada to be a designer at Flower Circus, and she quickly showed why we asked her to be on our show.

Giada has her own style, and her signature is flowers, lots of flowers!!! You can never have enough flowers (or plants). For the first time in the almost 50! online shows we needed more tables to make sure we could show all designs Giada prepared.

Giada started out with a colorful table decoration with candles, gerbera's, roses, and Lisianthus. Making sure the design is not to high, makes sure you can still see the other guests on the table.

For the second design, she brought a base from her private collection. It was a base in the shape of a lady's head. In the base, she used floral foam to create a design on top of the head. It is a real showstopper with Poinsettia, Chrysanthemums and Lisianthus. This design would really fit at the entrance of a restaurant or hotel. Especially with the addition of some lights it would be for sure the talk of the town!!!

The third design was a big bridal bouquet. Bridal work is what Giada is know for, as she did a lot of (big) weddings. The ease in which she made this bouquet was a joy to see, and the colors she used matched perfectly.

The last table decoration was an abundance of Poinsettia, packing them in moss makes it that it gives a natural look. Combining the different available colors gives the whole arrangement also more depth.

Finishing as always with golden confetti and wishing you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We see you again next year, online, on location, or both!!!


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