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Talks: Where did all the roses go?

There is a huge shortage of roses at the moment. What is going on? We talk with Michael Black from Jet Fresh Flowers and Jet Fresh Growers, and Alejandro Henao from Naranjo Roses to find out.

There isn't just one reason why the market is so stressed at the moment, it's a combination of different factors. Lots of farms have been bought by the big supermarkets (suppliers). These roses normally were sold in the traditional markets.

This makes that the supply is significantly less. Add with this that it's a low production period for a lot of growers, record low temperatures in Ecuador. And on top of that maintenance work on the runway of the main airport, so less flight capacity.

Luckily the last one should be taken care of this weekend. The weather will not stay cold for long (hopefully) and growers (which pinch their crops to make peaks), will have higher production coming up for the All Saints.

The first point makes that the market is way more sensitive to higher demand. Both Michael and Alejandro recommend planning well ahead of when you have an event. Placing standing orders will help a lot as well to get the flowers you want.

There are growers who want to expand to fulfill the demand. However, the costs and delivery time of materials to build greenhouses are crazy. This is why both men think this market will at least for another year.

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