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FC Talks: Niek Oudendijk

In today's episode of Flower Circus Talks we had an absolute icon in the Flower industry: niek oudendijk.

With Niek we talks about he ended up in the flowers, after a short career in fashion. He started to work for the company his father started, who started his business by selling flowers on his bicycle. The company quickly grew, and Niek was involved in the trade part of the business.

In 2020 Oudendijk existed 75 years, special for this occasion they made a book, what is more than worth it to read, you can download it here:

While travelling all over the world for the business Niek started up several farms with partners in different countries. That not all was a direct success he will tell as well, important is to learn from what didn't went well, adjust, and move forward.

This now results in farms which are still expanding with beautiful products, and reliable partners. This is why Niek sees the future will be bright, also with all the changes that are happening in the world and in the flower industry.

This and much more in this episode of Flower Circus Talks

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