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Magic Experiences and Floral Splendor: My Day at Flora Holland Trade Fair 2023

On November 7th, I entered the colorful world of the Flora Holland Trade Fair 2023, where every corner had a new surprise in store. My day was filled with meetings with old acquaintances and new faces, it was a day of inspiration and conviviality.

A Stylish Match:'s Stand as a True Candy Store

My outfit turned out unexpectedly perfect for the tasteful stand of, a true candy store full of kalanchoe, chrysanthemums in ice cups, grateful goodies, and beautiful poinsettias. Another eye-catcher was the Favorita, a single-flowered kalanchoe presented in a cocktail bar-like setting with its own drink! Amidst beautifully presented flowers, a visual feast emerged, where my outfit unexpectedly blended in perfectly, and other visitors spontaneously took photos. An unforgettable start to my day at the fair.

Champagne and Ball Pit: Magical Moments at Magical Hydrangea

At Magical Hydrangea, I experienced a unique moment - lying in a ball pit sipping champagne to celebrate this beautiful work's 10th anniversary. Here, I was surrounded by the enchanting colors of hydrangeas. An experience that was not only 'refreshing' but also created some great photo opportunities.

Healthy Refreshment: A Green Shot at DC van Geest

After my glass of bubbles, I enjoyed a healthy green shot with my friends at DC van Geest. I had previously written a blog about their beautiful Strelitzias, which were also well represented in the booth. For a moment, I felt like I was in the jungle amidst the beautiful assortment they presented.

Discoveries at Plant World: Green Plants in the Spotlight

Plant World offered a journey of discovery through beautiful green plants, each with its own unique charm. From lush leaves to quirky shapes, applications, and combinations. In a vintage French plant conservatory, they provided a glimpse into the future; plants that we can expect from Plantworld in the near future. The Episcia Pink Shimmer Valley really stood out to me; the variegated leaves with a bright orange flower that reminded me of a nasturtium.

Painted and Glittering Splendor

You love it or you hate it; painted and glittering flowers. These were also well represented at this fair. Succulents adorned with glitter, pearls, and bright neon colors. Just like the no-water amaryllis bulbs with a 'Delft blue' print. Personally, I could appreciate the cyclamen with a 'golden glitter dip.'

'Instagrammable' Stands: Photogenic Highlights at the Fair

The fair turned out to be a paradise for social media enthusiasts with countless 'Instagrammable' stands. From colorful flower walls to artistic flower arrangements, every corner offered a perfect backdrop for a photo capturing the floral splendor.

In short, it was a colorful day, and with new impressions, I returned home.

Maarten Huisman - Flower Circus


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