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Talks: Jeroen van der Hulst - Flower Watch BV

"The quality of at least 20% of flowers is unacceptable due to systematic underperformance across the chain"

In this Flower Circus Talks, it's all about the quality of flowers, and how to improve and preserve them better. This to make sure the consumer will enjoy the flowers, and not buy a disappointment.

Jeroen van der Hulst, founder, and owner of Flower Watch will share his knowledge with us.

Flower Watch is involved in every single part of the chain, to investigate, and improve the processes in for the ultimate goal: Happy customers, and profitable supply chains.

During this Talks we go over all the parts of the chain of the flower industry, and Jeroen will not only give us great insights, but he also gives us tips and tricks on how we can implement improvements for our own part of the chain.

What becomes obvious during the conversation is that ALL parts of the chain MUST work together in order to achieve the goal: happy, and returning customers. Because as flowers we compete against chocolate and wine in the gift market, and they never disappoint in quality. With flowers, we should achieve the same.

This hour will be the best hour spent in a long while if you want to improve your flower business with so many great insights from Jeroen.

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