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Talks: Joey Azout - Alexandra Farms

Now that weddings start again, it is time to talk with Joey Azout from Alexandra Farms. The boutique farm is growing fantastic garden roses.

This year they added 9 new varieties, some of them are sprayroses. Joey will talk us through all the new varieties, and what makes them so special. One thing is for sure, there is a great story behind every variety! What a lot of florists still have in mind is that garden roses have a poor vase life, all varieties Alexandra Farms is growing are tested, to make sure the vase life is good. The vase life is even mentioned on their website and posters, as well as the fragrance.

What becomes clear is that Alexandra Farms does way further than growing great roses. Just check how they pack their boxes, it's like receiving a gift. Helping florists making the right choices in terms of varieties is also part of it. the right photography plays a big role there as well. How do roses look like in the different stages?

The next idea is to come up with a course for florists especially for garden roses. In this way (new) florists can learn more about sprayroses, varieties, care and design. In short a Talks filled with a lot of inspiration from Joey!

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